N.B. To alleviate the text, the masculine pronoun "he", rather than the compound "he/she" will be used throughout.


Don’t miss this chance to "WIN YOUR DREAM TRIP" with Tuango! You could win UP TO 6 plane tickets for you (1) and your friends (maximum of 5) for your chosen destination (you may choose 1 destination amongst the 10 offered) - for a value of up to $15 000 CAD or $2500 CAD per ticket.

Further, if you fill out your plane (that is if you invite the maximum amount of guests - 5 and if all of these guests accept your invite) you (the plane creator) could also win a bonus prize of $1000 cash to spend during your dream trip!

To participate, you simply need to subscribe to the contest by clicking on the subscription link (and by extension by accepting to become a Tuango member) and to invite your friends! You must invite at least 1 friend and this friend must accept your invitation for you to be eligible to win. It goes without saying that the number of plane tickets that one may win (if that person wins) will vary based on the amount of friends invited via the subscription form (a maximum of 5 friends may be invited).

One winner amongst all participants will be randomly drawn. The more friends you invite and the more you share this contest, the greater your chances of winning are!


Details :

Contest date: from July 16th 2017at 12:00am until December 31st 2018 at 11:59pm.

Grand prize: Up to six (6) plane tickets to the destination of your choice (you may choose one destination amongst the 10 offered) for a maximum value of $15 000 CAD or $2500 CAD per ticket AND for the winner who has filled their plane (that is who has invited 5 friends all of which have accepted your invitation), a bonus prize of $1000 in cash to spend during the trip!


This contest applies to all the people of who have been invited and who have participated in the "WIN YOUR DREAM TRIP" contest, by either subscribing to the contest and/or by sharing it with their friends.

A participant is designated as a person whose name and email address appear on the subscription form.

Each subscription equals to one entry.

A participant can only subscribe ONCE to the contest by filling the subscription form. This subscription equals to 1 entry.

A participant must, in order to be eligible to the contest, invite at least one person to take part in his plane and that invited friend must confirm his presence within the plane (by accepting the invitation). The invited friend has 7 days to accept the invite - if he doesn't do so during that period, the participant can decide to invite someone else.

A participant is encourage to complete his full plane - by inviting all 5 friends since if the participant wins, he'll win up to 6 plane tickets for the chosen destination and, if 5 friends has been invited in the plane (and that each of these friends have accepted the invite), the participant will receive a $1000 cash prize to spend during his trip.

A participant may only be invited to be part of people's planes 5 times. After this, an error message will appear prompting the plane creator to invite someone else.

No purchase required.

Chances of winning vary based on the number of eligible subscriptions received during the contest’s validity period.

Tuango reserves the right to discredit any and all participants who are deemed to have performed fraudulent activities in order to gain more entries.

Grand prize:

The winner will be awarded UP TO SIX (6) PLANE TICKETS (1 for him and up to 5 for his friends, depending on the amount of friends invited via the contest platform) to the destination of his choice and the dates of his choice.

The total value of the grand prize cannot exceed $15 000 CAD total or $2500 CAD per ticket (this price includes taxes, service fees, etc.). Tuango inc. is in no way responsible for any surcharge related to luggage or carry-on or for any other charge brought on by the plane carrier (if this applies).

Tuango will be purchasing the tickets for the winner and his chosen passengers.

The winner will have to choose, at the time of subscription to the contest, ONE destination amongst the 10 destinations offered: Australia, Bora Bora (French Polynesia), Iceland, Spain, Japan, Greece, Italy, Hawaii (USA), Portugal or the UK. No change to the destination will be accepted once the participant has clicked on the "I WANT TO WIN MY DREAM TRIP" button (on the subscription form).

Minimally, one must invite 1 friend (and that friend needs to accept the invite) to take part in his plane to be eligible to the contest, A maximum of 5 friends may be invited to take part on your plane (this is a virtual plane and in no way does it represent a private plane or jet). Tuango inc. will take for granted that everyone invited to take part in a participant's plane will be travelling with him. No passenger substitution will be permitted once somebody is invited. If one of the passengers invited cannot join the winner, the winner will not be permitted to substitute this passenger for another. Tuango inc. is in no way responsible for any conflict between the grand prize winner and his passengers. Any dispute or disagreement between the grand prize winner and his passengers will have to be settled before the purchase of the tickets. Once the tickets are purchased, no changes will be permitted.

All of the passengers have to travel to the winner’s chosen destination and the whole group (winner and passengers) need to leave at the same time and for the same dates. Tuango inc. is in no way responsible for any dispute between the winner and his passengers regarding dates of travel. Any dispute between the winner and his passengers will have to be resolved before the purchase of the tickets.

ALL the plane tickets must be purchased for the same destination and at the same time (same travelling period). Tuango inc. reserves the right to refuse to cater to specific demands from the winner or his passengers (for instance if one of the passenger needs to leave one day ahead of the group).

The starting point for the airfare must be from one of the three following airports: Montreal, Quebec or Ottawa. All the passengers must depart from the same airport. The winner and his passengers are the only ones responsible for travelling to the departure airport.

Tickets are valid for round-trip airfare in economy or business class (if this applies) depending on the chosen destination, airfare provider, period of travel, flight availabilities, etc.

Tickets will be purchased from the airfare provider with the most advantageous flights. For certain destinations, airfare may be provided by multiple carriers.

Based on the selected destination, multiple layovers are possible. After consulting with the winner, the best itinerary will be devised (we will try to respect the winner’s requests but may unfortunately be unable to do so).

A winner and his passengers may not be able to be seated next to one another in the plane based on seat availabilities, travel dates, chosen destination and airfare carrier.

Based on the selected destination, travel dates, flight availabilities and airfare carrier, it is possible that the SIX travellers (maximum travellers) will not be travelling on the same flight. Tuango inc. will discuss the particulars with the winner (if the case may be) and the best course of action will be decided.

Based on the selected destination and selected travel dates (and despite the fact that many airfare carrier have been consulted), it is possible than the unit price for one ticket may be greater than $2500 CAD. In this case, and if the winner insists on maintaining these dates, said winner and his passengers are entirely responsible for covering additional costs.

Some selected destinations may boast more than one international airport. In this case, the winner will be able to specify at which airport he would like to be arriving to. To the best of our abilities, we will try to grant the winner’s wishes. However based on dates and availabilities, it might not be possible for us to do so.

Tuango inc. is in no way responsible for any missed flights. The winner and his friends will have to deal with the airplane carrier(s) directly to solve any problems regarding the itinerary.

The grand prize is non refundable. Once the passengers have confirmed their places aboard the plane, the winner cannot decide to exclude a passenger or transfer the ticket to someone else.

The winner will not be permitted to receive the monetary value of the plane tickets (this value may change based on the amount of passengers invited by the winner). The winner’s passengers cannot claim the prize for themselves. The prize is given to the winner and not to his passengers (the passengers benefit from the prize but are not the proprietors of the prize), The winner and his passengers are solely responsible for their travel considerations including stay, meals, taxes, transfers, travel insurances, etc. In other words, the winner and his passengers are responsible for all travel considerations for themselves except for airfare.

Tuango is in no way responsible for any event, outside of its control, which could hinder the travel plans of the winner and his passengers.

Regarding the $1000 cash prize - it will only be rewarded to the winner if the aforementioned conditions have been met - that is, if the winner has completely filled his plane (by inviting 5 friends and that these friends have accepted the invitation). If these conditions are met, the winner will be given a $1000 cheque by Tuango.


Grand prize:

One winner amongst all participants will be randomly selected on January 14th 2019 at 3pm from Tuango’s offices (located at 450 Ste-Hélène, Montréal, Qc, H2Y2L2).

The winner will be contacted via email before 3pm on January 18th 2019. The winner will be asked to communicate with Élodie Descarpentries at or at 514-282-0288 ext. 336 before January 31st 2019 at 3pm. If the winner fails to do so, a new winner will be randomly drawn.

The winner will be asked to specify to Miss Descarpentries him and his passengers travel dates before April 1st 2019, as long as the trip occurs in 2019. It is of importance to note that the trip needs to be reserved a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. The winner and his friends will have to provide Miss Descarpentries with basic personal information in order for her to reserve and book the plane tickets.

The winner and his passengers must be Quebec or Ontario residents and must be aged 18 years or older. The winner and his passengers will be asked to provide us with a scanned copy of valid photo ID in order to be eligible.

Individuals employed by, its affiliate companies, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, or judges (collectively "Contest Parties") at any time during the contest period, and members of their immediate family or persons living in the same household, are not eligible.

General rules

By participating to this contest, by entering your email address and by checking the consent box, you expressly accept to become a Tuango member and to receive our services, which are mainly comprised of sharing our exclusive offers and promotions via email. Following your subscription, you will namely receive our daily newsletter via email; your chosen region will be determined by the postal code you will have entered during the subscription process. You can change your email preferences or unsubscribe at any time. Your status (as being subscribed or unsubscribed) has no incidence on your participation or your chances of winning. Please consult our Privacy Policy and our Terms of use.

An individual cannot subscribe to the contest without given his consent to receive Tuango’s communications via email, based on the Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation. Furthermore, when a participant invites his friends to take place inside his plane, he expressly consents to receive emails every time one his friends accepts his invitation. These communications have no other goal than to inform the participant of the status of his plane.

By subscribing to this contest, you exempt Tuango inc, its managers, associates, employees, attorneys and representatives of any and all responsibility regarding the present contest or, should you win it, the prize (whether it is the grand prize or the secondary prize). Tuango inc. undertakes to purchase the plane tickets under the name of the winner and his guests. Once the purchase is made, no changes or substitution will be permitted. Once the plane tickets have been passed along to the winner, it is the winner’s responsibility to build his trip around the airfare provided by Tuango inc. Tuango inc. is not responsible for all subsequent travel arrangements.

The winner (and his guests) authorize Tuango inc. to use their names and pictures (if the winner in good faith decides to share a picture of himself and his guests on their trip) for any contest advertising (mainly on Tuango’s social media) without notice, compensation or retribution.

Tuango inc reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, end or temporarily suspend the contest in full or in part should an event outside of its control corrupt or affect the management, the security, the fairness or the smooth running on this contest.

Any litigation respecting the conduct or organization of a publicity contest may be submitted to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux for a ruling. Any litigation respecting the awarding of a prize may be submitted to the Régie only for the purpose of helping the parties reach a settlement.